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TE - God Bless Hate by sugar TE - God Bless Hate by sugar
Of course the title is ironic. I don't support hate, nor wars.

Their genuinely fake faces mocking you from T.V. screens
promising a better world through conflict
but lying on your couch unable to react
you just managed to see
that thorns bloom inside their mouths
and their wooden tongues
trying to explain the unexplicable
make them look
even uglier
and more fake than ever.

This was done for chichi-mafia, The Enmity project.

Please full view.

Thanks to all that helped me (check credits) and special thanks to bittertaste for his constant support and advice. Thank you tim. Heart
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bebellalessa Jun 24, 2008
very cool this "colgate" smile ^^ !
i love the message!
really great. what made you think of this?
As this was made during the U.S. invasion in Iraq, it's heavily influenced by the events of this period.
i see. nice. you did a really nice job with it.
This is great i really like it :)
wow!! deff fave ! 0_o
I donīt know why that reminds me to Marylin Manson -_-
hehe great manip, the teeth looks good
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